The examples of common drone commercial applications

    一、Logistics transportation

    Compared with traditional logistics, drone logistics has obvious advantages. Different from the traditional transportation by roads and railways, the air transportation of drones can effectively avoid traffic jams and avoid dangerous terrain, and the transportation is faster, more efficient and safer. Especially in mountainous areas, drone logistics transportation can save more time and cost than traditional logistics. In addition, drone logistics and transportation can reduce the dependence on human resources .

二、Agricultural plant protection

Compared with traditional agricultural plant protection (usually human-piloted aircraft plant protection), drone agricultural plant protection has a small amount of pesticide application per unit area, does not require a dedicated take-off and landing airport, has good mobility, higher plant protection operation efficiency, and lower plant protection costs (saving about 50% of the pesticide usage and about 90% of the water consumption), the plant protection process is safer and more accurate, and the effect of plant protection is better. Drone agricultural plant protection includes specific applications such as spraying pesticide seeds, patrolling and monitoring, and pest monitoring.

三、Security rescue

Drone rescue includes specific applications such as border monitoring, fire monitoring, environmental protection, criminal investigation and counter-terrorism, and public security patrols. It can effectively avoid ground obstacles in emergency rescue missions, reach the designated site quickly and accurately, and use high-tech products such as thermal imaging cameras to return real-time information to the command center to provide a basis for commanders to make decisions. Drone security includes specific applications such as building exterior wall inspections, power inspections, base station inspections, oil pipeline inspections, and river inspections. In daily inspections, compared with traditional human inspections, drones have the characteristics of low cost, strong flexibility, high safety, less impact on the natural environment and terrain, and better viewing angles.

四、Geographical surveying and mapping

Surveying and mapping is a key part of the specific applications of drones in rescue, scientific research, education, smart agriculture, smart cities, surveys, and scene inspections. Compared with traditional manual surveying and drawing, it usually takes several days or even weeks to make maps. Drones can even generate real-time real-time maps by capturing lens data in milliseconds. It has high efficiency, low cost, accurate data, flexible operation, and side information available. And other characteristics, can meet the needs of personnel in different surveying and mapping industries.

五、Live streaming

The addition of drones brings a new shooting perspective (God’s perspective, panoramic perspective, etc.) to the live webcast based on high-speed networks. With the maturity of 5G network technology, 5G drone VR live broadcast will be widely used in the ultimate experience live broadcast of large-scale events such as sports events and performing arts, as well as in the shooting of commercial activities such as advertising, news, and movies.

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