New model 4K 60FPS Action camera with 7 filters

For action cameras, besides Go pro, DJI and SJCAM, have you heard of our action cameras? Although Go pro, DJI and SJCAM These Go pro, DJI and SJCAM are of very good quality, but the price is too expensive, many customers usually choose our action cameras because of budget issues. Our action cameras are not only affordable, but also of high quality. For example our latest AT-S81 model:


As you can see in the picture above, this product comes with 6 lenses, each with its own function. At present, there is no action camera with interchangeable lens on the market, and this is a private model developed by our own company.

I would like to introduce our 4K action camera with filters model to you:

1)Screen:2.0 inch+1.44 inch dual screen

2)Video Resolution:4K 60FPS/30FPS,2.7K 0FPS,1080P 120FPS/60FPS/30FPS,720P 240FPS/120FPS/60FPS

3)Picture Resolution:24M,20M,16M,14M,10M,8M,5M,2M

4)Have EIS and WIFI function

5)Memory card:MAX 256GB

6)Interface connector:USB2.0/HDMI

7)Have 7 pcs filters(1 pcs UV len+3 pcs ND lens+1 pcs CPL len+1 pcs MARCO len+1 pcs Violet filter)

Now let me introduce our 7 filters different functions for you:

1.UV len:Function: protect the lens, remove stray light interference, and make the picture clearer

2.ND (light reduction filter): ND4+ND8+ND16

Using this filter, you can gain more freedom to control aperture, shutter by reducing the amount of light entering the camera lens, even in bright light to achieve dynamic softening or shallow depth of field effects, such as the beach in summer, or Sunrise, in order to ensure the correct exposure of the sky and get dark details. (ND filter to prevent overexposure)

The larger the ND mirror value, the lower the light transmittance.

The light transmission rate of the ND4 is 1/4, which is equivalent to the effect of about 2 shutter speeds.

The optical pass rate of the ND8 is 1/8, which is equivalent to the effect of about 3 shutter speeds.

The optical pass rate of the ND16 is 1/16, which is equivalent to the effect of a 4-stop shutter speed.

3.CPL (polarizer) filter:

It is mainly used to absorb polarized light in the sky, reflections from water, glass reflections and other non-metallic reflections.

On a sunny day, part of the blue light in the sky is polarized light, and the water vapor in the sky will also interfere with the light in the sky to produce polarized light.

Adding a polarizer can eliminate the above-mentioned polarized light, and at the same time increase the vividness of the color, the important thing is to shoot a very blue sky.

4.MACRO (Macro) is a special lens used for macro photography, mainly for shooting very fine objects such as flowers and insects.

5.Violet filter (filter):

1)This lens can basically eliminate the influence of ultraviolet rays and stray light on the sensitivity of the lens

2)Using filters in color photography can change the color temperature of the light source, the color of the subject, or produce special visual effects

This camera is not only suitable for diving, skydiving is also suitable for the most popular sports skiing recently.

If you want an action camera that is comparable to Go pro, SJCAM or DJI, then you can choose our this dual 4k 60fps sports camera.If you want to attract the market quickly, then please don’t miss this ski camera.

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