Ausek is one of the four major suppliers Distribution and wholesaler in the circle of Camera Lamp which are produced in China Factory and sold to End Customer directly online.

About 2 is the bridge between China factory and end user (Customer) and we sell Camera from Factory China directly, without middle man. We are online Camera Shopping distribution.

Internet-based Ausek Camera has seen astounding growth, quickly becomes to be a force to be reckoned in the Digital industry, garnering multiple awards and a loyal, satisfied customer base that continues to grow. Beginning with only two employees, the company now employs more than 100 people. At, customers are our highest priority.

In addition, our invention of products includes commercial the highest quality, including Professional Action Camera, Wireless Camera and Christmas Kids Action Camera during holidays, etc. From the White House to your home, is committed to providing simple and efficient Pixel Recording solutions to everyone. The Battery camera with solar bring the safe to your home and the Kids Digital Action Cameras bring the color to your children’s Childhood. And the Professional Action Camera will record the Wonderful sports moments. Produce the best product is our producting faith.

Have questions about a Camera? Rest easy. Our knowledgeable, dedicated team of product specialists have years of R&D and use experience. They are ready to solve your take photo dilemma.

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We also have very big sales team which can support aftersales service.

The California Warehouse Address (office):

5605 6Ave 2L Brooklyn, NY 11220

Call us: 929-326-1745 | Email:

Call us, 929-326-1745, or visit and see for yourself why we’re the best online wholesaler and retailer.

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Lifeinsafe Shipping Syetem uses the fast Shipping express Once Customer Order is placed. If out of stock, the goods will be shipped from China factory directly.

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If you have any Camera project needing.
You can order on line directly, we will arrange shipment in a few days. Shop online with payment directly or Email PO order via Thank you.

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